The Right Fit Approach: You will benefit by working with me through every step of the college admissions process, ensuring every application tells your story and maximizes your chances for acceptance.

College List-Identify colleges that will fit your needs and create a plan for meeting admission criteria. Will work with you to create a personalized list of colleges.

Organization-Receive assistance to set a manageable schedule to ensure that you save time and meet all deadlines. We will develop a timeline together that you can follow-one that is flexible that will fit your needs and show your progress.

Presenting yourself-Colleges evaluate more than just your grades and test scores. I will work with you to highlight your personality and strengths, so that the admissions committee remembers your application.

Essays-A college essay needs more than correct grammar to be powerful. You will learn how to articulate strengths and emphasize your unique personality and experience to catch an admissions officer’s attention.

Resume Preparation-With different templates to choose from we will create a dynamic resume highlighting academic achievements, extracurricular activities, accomplishments and any other applicable special opportunities.

Interviews-Learn about the different types of interviews and how to sharpen your interviewing skills by preparing, practicing and learning proper etiquette. We will go over making appointments and mock interviews and the importance of follow up.

Recommendations-We’ll plan who to ask, how to ask and what to provide your teachers so that they can write comprehensive and effective college recommendation letters.

College visits-I will help you plan your college visit, and supply you with evaluation tools so that you can compare schools over the course of your visits. In the folder will be a list of questions to ask, and places on campus to visit so that you can get unbiased information outside of the college tour.

Financial Consulting-As an accompanying service, we offer assistance with Financial Aid Form preparation and understanding your college financing options. Also, student and parent loan services.

Scholarship Search-Will give scholarship advice and share websites to applicable local and national scholarships that are available.

Student Athletes-Successfully market yourself to college coaches. I’ll ensure that your courses meet NCAA requirements and show you ways to gain exposure with college coaches.